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AgGuide was one of the first autosteer systems on the market. In fact, we supplied steering kits to Beeline and Leica/Mojo. Today our technology is also embedded within systems branded by other OEMs, selling thousands per year.
Choose your accuracy level, from free-to-air (sub-meter), to TerraStar subscription (10-30cm), through to full RTK (2cm or better, using a base station or via an Internet RTK correction service).
We have options for retrofit steering-wheel-motor, hydraulic control, or for CANBUS steer-ready-vehicles.
We also have unique solutions for viticulture and other industries to compensate for variable row positions.

Visual Guidance &

AgGuide can be used on any suitable Android or Windows tablet, and can be wirelessly paired to one of our GPS receivers. It can also be wirelessly paired to any combination of our controllers, but even without control it is a powerful mapping, lightbar guidance, and record-keeping system.

Spray Control

AgGuide can regulate spray rate, automatically control spray sections to reduce overspray and underspray, and retain records of applied amounts, areas and as-applied maps.
We work with individual farms – or customize our systems for machinery manufacturers.
One OEM using AgGuide spray/rate/map/steer technology has approximately 5,000 systems deployed and is adding more all the time.

Rate Control

AgGuide is used for rate control for planters (including multi-bin airseeders) and spreaders (single and dual belt/chain).
Control single or multiple products manually or by importing a Variable Rate map, and retain records of applied amounts, areas and as-applied maps.
AgGuide also achieves section control, boundary control, and control of spreader spinners.
We work with individual farms – or customize our systems for machinery manufacturers.

Tree Planting & Fencing

AgGuide is used to lay out tree positions for orchards, and provides an audible or electrical control output to facilitate accurate tree positioning.
Row spacings, tree spacings, and headland distances are all adjustable, and positions can be square or staggered.
AgGuide can also be used for positioning posts (in both axes) along a fence-line.


LevelGuide can be used for pass-count for monitoring compaction for civil or agricultural purposes.
See a visual indication of where the vehicle/roller has been, and how many times that area has been covered.

Talk to us about your specific requirements.

Flexible Display Options

AgGuide can operate on most Android and Windows tablets and connect wirelessly to our flexible controllers.
Bring your own display (subject to minimum specifications), or let us supply a large wireless tablet or ruggedized 8″ and 10″ Android Tablet with cable connection.

We’re here to provide cost-effective solutions – not lock you into overpriced or proprietary in-cab displays.

We also work with OEMs to deliver to their requirements, including embedded Linux displays.

AgGuide delivering for “Stressless Harvesting”:

Tree planting:

Farming testimonial:

“I like to look at a completed job and see the water at the same level all the way around. Thanks to LevelGuide and the boys at Precision Technology, my life has been so much easier.”

Mick Rhode – MR Earthmoving

“To keep this grumpy old bugger happy, takes a fair bit!”

Ben Thomson – Stressless Harvesting

“They’ve improved our efficiency on farm, and they’ve also improved the accuracy for our fertilizer, and for our levelling.”

Kim Bremner – Farmer